Dreadlock Styles: Pipe Cleaner Curls

Dreadlock Style Guide: Pipe Cleaner Curls

Pipe Cleaner Curls
Pipe cleaner curls are great! I love them because of all the ways to get your locs curly, they seem to hold curls the tightest and for the longest.  Your locs will look beautiful and you will have a style that lasts way over a month.

 Jasmine Rose Youtube Vlogger


  • Curls last over a month
  • You can bend the pipe cleaners and rock them as a style before pulling them down
  • Curls your locs within 1-2 days
  • Pipe cleaners will blend with your loc color so you can wear them unoticed(black hair)
  • Works with short to really long dreads as well
  • You can get a whole bag for quite cheap in Walmart or any other craft store
  • You can cut or twist them together to make a custom length rod
  • They are quite easy to do and there are hundreds of tutorials on the web 🙂


  • Can be uncomfortable while sleeping
  • Ends will stick your scalp if not bent/twisted properly
  • Can take 1-4 hours depending on loc length and quantity
  • Dreads will get moldy if not dried properly
  • Dreads may feel dry as wrapping it tightly will squeeze the natural oils and moisture from your hair
  • Can add lint to your hair if they start to shed


  1. Allow hair to dry properly while wrapped on the pipe cleaners to avoid mold. Sit under a dryer or blow dry briefly to remove excess water
  2. Wrapping can make your locs dry and brittle as you squeeze the moisture from your hair while wrapping.  Moisturize them often using a oil based moisturizer like Lockology Lavender and Honey or if you prefer water based moisturizers try Lockology Aloe and Rose Hydrating Mist.