How To Use Lavender Water On Your Dreadlocks

Whether you call it lavender water, lavender hydrosol or lavender distillate it’s still the same amazing product.  Lavender water is a result of the essential oil distillation process.

  1. Scalp Cleanser – Lavender has excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties so whether you have new locs or just don’t have the time to wash your dreads, you can use Lavender water between washes to keep your scalp clean and free of odor, sweat, bacteria and oil.
  2. Scalp Rinse Lockology Lavender water is a great scalp rinse for sore scalps.  Whether you just interlocked, have sore spots from styling or braids or just need to release tension you can use Lavender water as a rinse by simply running it through your scalp.
  3. Dreadlock Hair Perfume or Mist – Locs smelling like inside of an old hat or just simply not a lovely as you’d like?  Simply spray with a couple mists of pure lavender water to leaving it smelling light and fresh.
  4. Dreadlock Moisturizer – Use lavender water alone or with your favorite oil in a spray bottle to help moisturize your locs.  If doing a light mist then Lavender water alone will suffice.  If your hair is super dry try misting with lavender water first then moisturizing with Lockology Lavender and Honey Oil or Lavender and Aloe Hydrating Mist after.
  5. Aromatherapy

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